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Welcome to "Give The Gift of Hearing"

Please join us by investing in our cutting-edge research. Make a gift today in support of our Auditory Brain Stem Implant Clinical Trial and help us implant 9 more children. This Clinical Trial is a key research tool for advancing medical knowledge and ultimately patient care for children like Grayson. Your gift will help us give them the gift of hearing.

Hello from the Clamp Family!

We hope you will find our story and the miracle weve experienced with Grayson as an encouragement for families seeking faith, considering foster care, considering adoption, or considering medical intervention like an auditory brainstem implant (ABI) to overcome health issues with their children.

We hope you will experience the joy weve experienced working with UNC Hospitals, and make the commitment to donate to an organization and a cause that will truly change lives. Its changed ours.

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